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Required Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in related field.  
  •  4+ years’ experience in a business role working with external parties: business development, content syndication, media partnerships, account management
  • Experience with business models and data analysis. 
  • Proven ability to collaborate and communicate with technical and non-technical stakeholders • Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
  • Exceptional interpersonal and relationship skills
  • Proven ability to effectively handle high volumes of engagements and juggle many projects in parallel - strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize. preferred skills
  • Ability to work in fast-paced environment and resourceful in achieving success in the face of ambiguity while prioritizing and managing multiple responsibilities 
  • Strong oral and written communication skills along with a proven ability to influence others internally and externally 
  • Sound business judgment and strong analytical thinking 
  • Demonstrated effectiveness working cross-functionally, across multiple business units to achieve success

  **Notes from Hiring Manager**

Team is a startup team, that environment and feel is a little different than other areas of Client Organization. Around for less than a year, quick moving, changing, lots of different hats. About 20 people, a lot of engineers and a couple of business people, this role will be one of the business roles. They're part of a larger Org that’s much more established. Gives an idea of the mentality, need to be comfortable working with developers and technical folks, although it is a business role. Also working with external parties, will be communication who don’t work for Client Organization, partners/publishers.

Day to day work: Definitely more of an ongoing as things come up and managing accounts, inbound responses, working with product teams internally and developers continuing to drive product forward. Don’t know a lot of what will come up, ability to be flexible and work in an ambiguous environment. 

M-F standard hours, fine with early 7:30-4 or some members are later 10-7.

Open environment, lots of collaboration, no one is in an office really. Developers and business team in the same area. Given the state of the product being new, chatting a lot during the day. No option for remote work.

What's cool about this team? Greater Org that this is in is Consumer Engagement, central marketing for all of Client Organization. Not part of a category at Client Organization (ie marketing for shoes, electronics…). Consumer engagement is much more centralized marketing, big marketing groups. Group is appealing to join, cool opportunities and teams at that level. Specifically being a newer team, there is a lot of energy and support behind the project they're working on, not established, startup feel. Team is really fun, good people, culture is balanced. 

Skills/Experience needed:

Top 3

a) Worked in professional environment of this kind, definitely not like interning or at a really small company.

b) Ability or history of working with non-internal parties, clients or partners, communication skills.

c) Having worked with a technical team in the past.

Digging in and being able to prioritize, not sure how to measure that. If they have 100 things to do in a day, do they have the history of being able to prioritize and get things done, monitor that type of workday. 

External communication, positive experience or feedback on themselves about how they work with partners or clients.

Disqualification: Experience, not having any working with non-internal folks, at least four years in some established capacity, definitely be one that would cut it right away.

Leadership Principle: Ownership is a big one, “nothing is beneath anyone” never say “that’s not my job.” In general, most important is earns trust, especially coming into a new team, they should work well with others. services to be performed Consumer Engagement is seeking a Temporary Account Manager to support Onsite Publishing. The primary objective of Onsite Publishing to increase convenience for customers by making Client Organization a one-stop shop for product research & discovery – through sourcing, integrating, valuing, and compensating third party content on Client Organization. 

The successful candidate will be web savvy, data driven and willing to wear many hats across marketing, account management and helping shape the product road map. This will include communicating with participants in the OSP program through email and phone, helping to resolve issues, answer questions and provide information about the program. It will also include marketing of the program to external participants through email. You will work closely with product managers and software engineers on driving the product forward. You will need to be able to handle multiple projects across various categories at the same time. This will provide an unparalleled opportunity to leverage your understanding of the Internet, high-tech and media industries inside one of the world’s leading technology companies to structure innovative and impactful partnerships.

Location: SEA39 - Nessie, WA
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